Exclusive day trip to Gibraltar

The Rock of Gibraltar is world famous. Located at the southernmost tip of Europe, it is in a strategic position, overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar, the Mediterranean, the Atlantic and the Moroccan coast. Although Gibraltar is impressive from a distance, the rock actually measures less than six square kilometers.

In May 2005, the WWII tunnels were unveiled and opened to the general public. Now you can follow in the footsteps of Churchill, Sikorski and De Gaulle and walk through this amazing testament to contemporary history carved deep into the rock by soldiers and citizens etc…………

There is a wide variety of tax-free shopping on Main Street. We pass the border to Gibraltar on foot. Directly behind the border crossing are the taxis with which we can take a 2-hour “Around the Rock Tour” (cave / tunnel and monkeys). This rock tour ends on Main Street, Gibraltar’s main shopping street. Here we have the opportunity for extensive shopping and eating. After an agreed time, we meet again and walk back to the parked car via the airport runway to start the return journey via Tarifa and the coastal road. .

This excursion lasts about 8 hours and with a maximum of 8-10 people you can enjoy an unforgettable day trip individually.